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Intelligent Vision Device

first of its kind behavioral dynamic analysis on edge   

Vehicle and visitor counting 

System will generate detailed data about vehicles or people visiting your place of business day or night creating data base automatically, in addition specific locations of the store or site can be set for monitoring and data acquisition.

Loss prevention and cost cutting

Using our intelligent vision system business owners can reduce mistakes made when packing food to go in fast food restaurants, account for missing items and assess speed of workers in real time. 

Asset counting and site monitoring

IRIS  will monitor your site, event, indoor or outdoor business and count all the assets and items placed in storage and it will alert the owner when any asset was removed or misplaced.

Efficiency and procedure monitoring

Our system can verify if correct vehicles were deployed to the site and if procedure was followed by recognizing serial numbers or number plates even if vehicle is in motion

Our connected entity tracking patent pending technology detects and alerts user about unatended items or separated person in a crowded inviroment.  System will send warning instantly as the situation accures adding extra layer of security and accident prevention.

Safety and security

Main office:

ClearImageAI, 9 Rue Du Laboratoire,

1911 Luxembourg, +352 621 654 089

Business Development office:

Vancouver, British Columbia +1 604 671 6228

Montreal, Quebec +1 514 426 3976

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