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Intelligent Vision Device

 Behavioral dynamic analysis on edge   


We provide a combination of person/object recognition, posture recognition, and distance estimation through stereo sensors and scene analysis logic which allows us to send warnings automatically when any type of property is threatened.

Loss prevention and cost cutting

This intelligent vision system picks up mistakes in restaurant take-away packing, accounts for missing items and assesses productive speed of workers in real time

Asset counting and site monitoring

The IRIS system monitors site events, businesses and other physical plants and protects all assets, property and items in storage, alerting the owner if anything is removed or misplaced.

Efficiency and procedural monitoring

This system verifies that the correct vehicle is deployed on site and if proper procedures are being followed by recognizing serial and plate numbers, even on fast moving vehicles.

This patent pending connected entity tracking technology detects and alerts users about unattended items and separated people, even in crowded locations.  The system sends a warning instantly, adding extra layer of security and accident prevention.

Safety and security

Vehicle and visitor monitoring 

This system generates detailed data about vehicles and people visiting your location day or night, creating a database automatically. In addition, specific locations within the site  can be set for monitoring and data acquisition.

Main office:

ClearImageAI, 9 Rue Du Laboratoire,

1911 Luxembourg, +352 621 654 089

Business Development office:

Vancouver, British Columbia +1 604 671 6228

Montreal, Quebec +1 514 426 3976

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