AI Stereo Vision Camera

On Board Scene Processing

When used in a drone IRIS has the ability to cover  larger security perimeters providing crowd identification and threat detection over a vast area. The drones themselves have smart vision AI and can find their own pathways through buildings or through other obstacle laden areas, trees in the forest corridors in the building.

Bring real active safety and security to your life. IRIS is not a motion detector or a video transmitter.

It understands and identifies objects, such as approaching human, dog, car or other objects it is trained to identify..

No more falls alarms associated with motion sensor based cameras.

IRIS breaks down a busy street scene by taking a visual of the surroundings, identifying paths and potential dangers through contextual AI. Child running towards street, man texting and walking in the path of a car.  IRIS can predict behavior and send that information to cars on the road.

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